Mid-Ohio Chapter of NAVHDA

Mid-Ohio North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association

The Mid-Ohio NAVHDA chapter serves members of NAVHDA International (www.navhda.org) who reside in Ohio and beyond.  We meet the first Saturday of each month (March - October) at the Delaware Wildlife Area dog training grounds in Delaware, OH.  The chapter routinely holds a spring and fall test at this site.

The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) is a legally recognized non-profit organization  dedicated to fostering, improving, promoting, and protecting the versatile hunting dog in North America (www.navhda.org). Underlying these aims is the desire to serve interests of game conservation by using well trained, reliable hunting dogs before and after the shot; prevention of cruelty to animals by nonselective and uncontrolled breeding which produces unwanted and uncared for dogs; and the gun dog hunter to train his dog to work before and after the shot, on land, and in water.

Formed in 1969, NAVHDA has helped thousands of owners of versatile hunting dogs to train their own dogs to become useful hunting companions. Furthermore, the NAVHDA registry is the only registry in North America specializing in the registration of versatile hunting dog breeds. The NAVHDA Test Information Service keeps and provides to breeders, buyers, and interested individuals, the performance of records of all the versatile hunting dogs tested in the NAVHDA system. NAVHDA International is the governing body for the NAVHDA organization and includes approximately 70 local chapters across the USA and in Canada.



Training Day: March 5

Training Day: April 2

Spring Test: April 23-24

Training Day: May 7

Training Day: June 4

Training Day: July 2

Training Day: August 6

Training Day: September 3

Fall Test: October 1-2


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