Training Grounds

Our regular training days occur the first Saturday of each month (March-Oct.) at 8 am on the dog training grounds of the Delaware Wildlife Area, north of Delaware, OH. From the south: Take US 23 North to Rt 229.  Go east (right turn) onto Rt 229. You will cross the bridge over the reservoir, pass the shooting range on your right, and make the next right turn onto D-10 road (at white house). After about 200 yards, make a right turn into the gravel parking loop.
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In order to participate in training days and other NAVHDA events, patrons must first be a member of NAVHDA International (currently $65),  and then join the Mid-Ohio chapter ($30).
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Mid-Ohio Chapter of NAVHDA

Mid-Ohio Membership dues are $30 and can be paid online via the payment tab, brought to a training day, or mailed to the Treasurer, Andrea Spencer, 11981 Green Chapel Rd., Johnstown, OH 43031. If you are a new member, please include your name, address, email, & NAVHDA international number.
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Bird Order:
  • An email notice will be sent for your bird order the week of training day. 
  • Please respond for your order needs the Wednesday before training day. 
  • If there are any concerns of confirmation, please call or email, as errors can occur.
  • Bird orders may include pheasants, quail, chukar, and/or duck
  • Some birds may or may not be available. 
  • Prices may vary.  Payment is due upon picking up your bird order.  Please bring your own crates/bags for your order.
  • PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for payment whether you pick up your order or not. 

For your dog(s):
  • Bring water and what may be your usual preparation for your working dog. This may include tie-outs, leads, kennels, bowls, food/energy treats, first-aid items, tick control, etc. 

For you:
  • Bring water and appropriate clothing/footwear for field and/or water.
  • There is "cover" but not "facilities."
  • Bring bird crates and/or bird bags for your ordered birds.
  • Please make sure you are able to control your dog. This is a good socialization time for your dog, but attitude and control is an important safety precaution for all in attendance. 

  • Our Training days start promptly at 8am with a brief meeting followed by a "training tip of the month" by our training director.
  • You are then on your own for training or if you need help, identify yourself and someone will be able to assist or guide you as a handler for training your dog.  Many in our chapter are accomplished handlers and trainers and are willing to help if you simply ask. 

PLEASE NOTE: You will need a valid hunting license to shoot/hunt birds on the dog training grounds (Licenses expire at the end of February each year). Bird bands are required and can be purchased through the Ohio Fish and Wildlife (District One office on Spring Street near Grandview, Ohio).