Test Application Requirements

Mid-Ohio Chapter tests are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

A complete and accurate Test entry is REQUIRED to admit a dog into a test. A complete entry:

  • Must be submitted by the dog's owner
  • Must include the dog's NAVHDA Registration Number
  • Must include the owner's NAVHDA Member Number (located on the first line of your VHD magazine label)
  • The Handler's NAVHDA Number
  • A completed official Test Entry Form
  • Test Entry Fee payment
    • Please make checks payable to the "Mid-Ohio Chapter of NAVHDA" If paying by check: please mail official test entry form and check to the chapter Test Secretary at Andrea Spencer, 11981 Green Chapel Rd, Johnstown, OH 43031
    • PayPal : Use the Payment page on our website. If paying by PayPal, please email PayPal receipt number and completed official test entry form to the Test Secretary at montestsecretary@aol.com
  • Optional information may be included: Copy of DNA certification * Copy of Hip Dysplasia Test

PLEASE NOTE: If your entry is incomplete, your dog will not be entered in the test until all required information is completed.

Unfortunately we can not reserve a spot for anyone without both an accurately completed test entry form and payment.

Complete Test Entry 

Fill out the form and then click “SAVE AS” in the upper left corner or “PRINT” in the upper right corner of the test form.  Please either email or mail your completed Test Entry to the Test Secretary:

Andrea Spencer
11981 Green Chapel Rd
Johnstown, OH 43031
(614) 203-7769

Please note, no test entry is complete until a fully completed entry form and the appropriate test fee are received.

*** NAVHDA Dog Registration Number: All dogs entered in NAVHDA tests must be NAVHDA registered and have a NAVHDA registration number. This number begins with two letters identifying the breed and is NOT a person’s NAVHDA membership number. Neither is it a number issued by any other registry.

Effective July 1, 2018, it is a requirement that Owners (at least one owner of co-owned dogs) and Handlers of dogs must be NAVHDA Members in order to enter a NAVHDA test. The statement "...must be NAVHDA Members..." refers to the NAVHDA parent organization commonly known as NAVHDA International.

Important!  Dogs are eligible for a Natural Ability Test until and including the day they reach 16 months of age. Dogs over 16 months may be tested for evaluation. No prize classifications are awarded dogs tested for evaluation. Dogs over 16 months of age may be tested for evaluation if space is available.

Test Entry Form

Test Fees

 Test fees:
  • Mid-Ohio Chapter Member
    • Natural Ability - $125
    • Utility and UPT - $155
  • Non Chapter Member
    • Natural Ability - $145
    • Utility and UPT - $175
Your test entry is for a specific dog. Therefore, once your application and money has been received, substituting of dogs to be tested is not allowed and our chapter’s withdraw policy will apply.
Mid-Ohio Test Withdraw/Refund Policy:  If an owner elects to withdraw his or her dog from a test he or she has entered, the owner must give written / email notice of his or her request to withdraw to the Test Secretary prior to the relevant test date. The Mid-Ohio Chapter will issue a refund to the dog’s owner based on the schedule listed below, provided that the relevant test is at maximum capacity and the chapter has a replacement entry on the waiting list for the relevant test date and such replacement entry agrees to run on the relevant test date.
  • 30 days or more from test date: 80% of the Test Entry Fee paid
  • Less than 30 days from test date: 50% of the Test Entry Fee paid

You are not officially entered in the test until an accurately completed test entry form and payment are received and confirmed by the Chapter Test Secretary.

Registration Certificate

Test pedigreeimage
NAVHDA provides a single document that serves as both the registration certificate and the dog’s pedigree. It is light brown in color and folds into fourths.

The certificate lists the name of the owner(s) as recorded by NAVHDA. Only the owner as listed in NAVHDA records will receive certificates, etc.

If you do not have the light brown certificate or the name on the certificate is not yours, you may need to register you dog or complete a "transfer of ownership."

If you have any problems concerning registration, please contact the NAVHDA Central Office at (847) 253-6488.
  • The office is generally staffed during business hours Monday through Friday.
Note that with proper documentation the Central Office can issue a number under urgent conditions, e.g. in order to enter a test at the last minute.

*** NAVHDA Membership Number: Every member of NAVHDA has a membership number. The number can be found on the mailing label of the Versatile Hunting Dog magazine or on the NAVHDA web site at http://www.navhda.us/roster.aspx less
Link to Registration Application